I have been steadily going to the gym for over a week now! WOW, right? Well, hold the applause and kudos.

Over the last few years so much has been going on that life has encouraged me to make choices that were unproductive to my growth, both psychically and mentally. Goals have been put on hold, healthy living has slipped and I basically found myself stressed about the choice of not making choices. I chose to be inactive and to let some things life was dealing me beat me.

I have had a terrible time sleeping, always feeling tired. There has been my restless leg problem keeping me away with pain at night as well. This completing distracted me from going to the gym, putting my best in at work and having the energy/willingness to do anything other than camp out on the couch when I was home. There have been situations in my life cluing me in I need to make better choices, I need to maintain my health.

I had the goals to get my PMP (Project Management Professional) designation, do some step work for my recovery, read a book about my sleep issues, exercise more and eat healthy. On top of this I am taking French Classes. So, i finally decided I was done feeling sorry for my situation.

First thing I did was stop stressing over not sleeping. It wasn’t helping me when I went to be to wonder how much sleep I would get that night or how many times I would be up. I decided I would deal with what the night gave me. I also tried to reduce naps during the week and my caffein intake. NOW WAIT! I didn’t STOP drinking coffee, but I did reduce the Red-Eye drinks (coffee with espresso in it). Results are I believe I have slept a little better.

Next I realized I would not go to the gym after work. I have been forcing myself to go in the mornings, except the days I have French class after work. I have found I enjoy it, it wakes me up and gets my day going. I am working towards an earlier start, but as they say in AA, “Progress not Perfection” is being made. I don’t expect to be or want to be one of the gym gods, I have been at the point in my life of my physique being the most important thing. I am not at the point where I want to do it for my health, for me and not for what others think of me.

We have began to make a lot of healthier eating choices as well. Less fat, less starch, more protein, more vegetables and a regular breakfast. I feel the change in my routine has been helpful already on my mental state.

A few other choices I have made is not focusing so much on the electronic devices and more on other things. No iOS games Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or in the future on days that I am not in class), the other nights (when I do have class) I am allowing myself to be brain dead. These days are designated to focus more on my personal interactions at home, homework, reading, etc. Some of the reading will be for my PMP, which I scheduled my prep class for June and will take the test shortly after.

I have chosen to make choices. I have chosen to make the dealer reshuffle the deck and give me a new hand. I will keep doing this until I like the hand I have. Wish me luck!