First, let me say I have owned a handgun in the past.  It was a .38 caliber and I did enjoy going to the firing range and firing it.  I also fired weapons during basic training in the Air Force.  I know what it is like to hold that in my hands and the exhilaration of firing off the rounds.  I sold it a few short years after I became in ownership of it.  I didn’t need to have it.

Now, let’s go into the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.  Even after owing one when I was younger, I don’t understand the need so many have to own any type of semi-automatic or automatic weapon.  I can see the use of hunting guns, in some areas of the US that is how people survive and feed their families.

I was reading up on the history of the 2nd Amendment and the purpose isn’t what it has become bastardized to be today.  It was meant to allow men (only men at that time, sorry ladies) to bear arms to protect the state as militias.  Look through the article Understanding the Right to Bear Arms and you will see that there was never any intent to make this an “individual” right, those proposed clauses were specifically left out.  Also, at the time “arms” were single shot muskets, swords and things a militiaman could easily carry against an army.  I have to give a side note about armies, the founding settlers had militias because they feared organized armies.

So then why did the US Supreme Court overturn the ban on concealed handguns in Washington, DC?  I can only suspect it is the lobbying power or the National Rifle Association (NRA).  The NRA also has a history of bouncing back and forth on the level of support for gun control as you can see in this MSNBC article.

I know realistically we can never remove all the guns that are now out there, but we can reduce and prevent further collections of ridiculous weapons just for the sake of having them.  I wouldn’t feel safer walking down the street with a concealed weapon not know who else has one, but maybe full body armor might help!  I just don’t think concealed weapons help when you get shot in the back of the head.  Maybe the NRA can come out with something to allow you to detect who has a weapon?  A flashing light above their head?  A tattoo of a gun between the eyebrows?

One last comment about the NRA; I think it is disgusting to promote weapons to children before they can even make an informed decision.  Check out their children’s section of their gift store.