Two months ago around this time I was in the Dominican Republic. The weather was hot, the ocean was cool and the coffee was spectacular. Honestly, I hoped the coffee would be good. They do grow it there after all, but I am a Starbucks man. I like my coffee to have some kind of flavour to it, but went on vacation without any creamer or syrups. I know…I was roughing it, but before you continue to feel sorry for me read on.

Since being in recovery, coffee is one of the three vices I have. I have to have a few cups a day, I love the taste. I have tried Dunkin Donuts, Tim Horton’s, Coffee Time, McDonald’s and many others; nothing compares to the nectar you can get at The First Church of the Siren. I drank my first cup in the Dominican Republic and I was in heaven, it was so fresh and tasty. We brought home a few bags and used them quickly.

I looked to my first trip to Starbucks when I got home with both excitement and reluctance. What I feared came true, that first sip didn’t compare to what I had been drinking. It wasn’t as flavourful, but after a few cups I returned to my vice! It is still the best you can get at a shop, to me!

Another vice I am speaking of is a nice cigar! I was able to see a few people making cigars, hear the process described and feel their passion and pride as a culture in their cigars. We were allowed to feel and smell the tobacco at different stages. We watched them roll them, saw them pressed and were explained the differences in leaves.


I was given one as we entered the first factory/shop and the smoothness was like nothing I have enjoyed previously. It was so enjoyable. We browsed the different types and then bought a mixed box to bring home. I enjoyed a few on the beach during our stay, what a relaxing experience that was. The second cigar visit was a smaller operation. We bought some cigars there as well, as a gift. They are all currently in our humidor.


Over all, I am forever changed by the experiences and the tastes of the Dominican Republic.

Wondering what my third vice is? SOUR CANDY! 😉