I’ve only been in Toronto since September 2011 and I am already SICK of hearing all the discourse about Mayor Rob Ford. Isn’t there other news to talk about?

I have heard he is homophobic because he won’t go to the annual pride parade. He has plans for that holiday weekend, an annual tradition. Even if he isn’t comfortable with gays or he doesn’t want to change his plans, it doesn’t make him homophobic.

There are pictures of him reading while he is driving, because nobody is supposed to do that. Drivers should not use mobile devices while driving either, but I have seen multiple police officers holding a phone to their ear while driving. Are they not just as guilty? Should I take a picture next time? OH WAIT, I would have to be using a mobile device while driving. Ask yourself the same question about who took the picture of Mayor Ford.

There was the fiasco about Mayor Ford ordering city buses to come pick up the football team. After days of trash talking and assuming the worst, it came out that it wasn’t his call at all. The police made the call based on the possibility of safety issues. I don’t think I heard ANY apologies on the radio.

Last I will bring up his removal from office for donations to his football team in the amount of $3150, you can see the timeline here. Do I think he is the most elegant man? No, but does that mean he needs to be constantly attacked and in the news? No. Either way, I don’t believe it was appropriate to remove him from office. I do think he should have had to make retribution for his lack of understanding of the conflict of interest laws and apologized for his role, but this was too much for me.

I do think Mayor Ford was robbed. I hope his appeal is found in his favour.