On the day after arrival, we were to meet our tour guide at noon to pick out our excursions. We knew we wanted to snorkel and go on a tour of a coffee bean plantation. We had emailed a company to go on a tour of their plantation, but to date of writing this blog still haven’t heard back.

We met with our tour guide and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the local town and different excursions. Our first question was around the coffee tour. His advice was helpful to us as we decided to not complete one. The local plantations were rather small and more of a processing plant. The large plantains, as he explained, were down on the south side of the Dominican Republic. As that is what I really wanted to do, we will save it for our next trip.

We finally decided on two all day excursions, one on Tuesday and the other Wednesday. Because we slept past 11AM on Sunday and missed breakfast, we were keeping Monday to still relax. The rest of the week we kept open to explore the local town and just lose track of time. Which we found began happening already on Monday.

Sunday and Monday were spent wandering and taking in the resort. My senses began to come alive with all the vegetation and the ocean. Even with the rain the first few days, the mosaic colors of the ocean were evident. Multiple blues and whites, with the browns of the sand being pulled up into the waves as they crashed back into the beach and rocks. In our room you could hear the crashing and feel the vibration of the two elements colliding from the first night.

The sand on the beach was so soft as it invited us to walk through and break up the smoothness created by the caress of the ocean slamming into the shore and then gently pulling back. Some of the only disturbances in the sand, before it reopened to the public, was the from the small inhabitants we call crabs. They were almost translucent and moved very quickly in the quirky sideways manner.

After the relaxing days, we set out on our two days of excursion. Tuesday was our day to take a boat to Paradise Island and snorkel in the reefs, while Wednesday we chose to do the Mega Truck Extreme. Wednesday included waterfall exploration, zip-lining and horseback riding. They were bound to be two adventure filled days!