I was on the plane zooming along to Dominican Republic and the excitement was really setting in. I haven’t been south of Key West, Florida and never to the Caribbean so I think it is bound to be and experience I won’t forget. I find that the flight was pleasant, but is seemed to take forever. Maybe because it was the longest flight I have been on in a very long time or it had to do with my air-colepsy. I also claim to have car-colepsy. Confused? It seems that every time I get on a plane I am asleep before we finish take off, or on road trips I fall asleep a lot as well. It makes the trip go by rather quickly, except this time.

Yes, I had coffee in the morning…two…from the First Church of the Siren. That would be Starbucks for those that don’t know me. Some of which I was wearing thanks to the boarding process. I think I was able to get most of it out in the “spa-like bathroom” we had in the rear of the plane. At least that was how it was described by the flight crew during their safety briefing. I did enjoy the flight crew’s announcements, the attendant had a great sense of humor. I am not sure if this is how WestJet normally does it or if it is based on the destination, but either way it was refreshing.

I was looking forward to getting to the resort and relaxing and then figuring out our excursions for the week. My goal was not more than three excursions and the rest of the time relaxing.

We landed without a problem, picked up our luggage and made it quickly through customs. We were greeted by the tour guide and a bus to our resort. It was a quick 15-20 minute ride to the resort and we breezed through checking in. Our only concern was changing into shorts and eating. The next day we were to meet our tour guide and pick out our excursions.