I originally intended to rant on and try to presuade my readers to vote in the direction I felt was the best for our country.  After a few days of thinking about this and listening to the CBC Radio’s The Current this morning and specfically the segment in which Andrea Seabrook from Decode DC was being interviewed, I’ve decided it is more important to encourage all eligible voters to VOTE and not push my views on you. 

Media, both organzational and social, have a strong focus on what someone said or something that happened and how it affects the campaigns.  What it should be focused on is the issues and what the effect of the citizens are.  Why should we give more of a voice to the candidates and less to the people? 

This being said, I will provide a few links for your research.  From here you can look through the transcripts from the debates and the history of some of the issues.  I want to stress voting is not a burden; voting is a right AND responsiblity.  Every vote counts. 

I voted early since I live in Canada, but the polls are open long enough that everyone should make it out.  I strongly believe if you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain about the candidates or who wins the election.  If you are educated about the issues and vote, then by all means voice your opinion and how your party/candidate would have been better/worse.  Otherwise, stew in silence and do something about it next time.

Voting information

Debate Transcripts 

Bush Era wars and effect on deficit

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 & GovTrack