I used to be a more regular gym goer. I am determined to get back into the routine after this last year of moves, new country, school and new job. I used to go for the way others would see me, but now it is more for the way I see me and my health. I need to like what I see, not what others see.

That is a perfect lead into what this is really about, what I see in others! I know it already sounds hypocritical, but I don’t mean what I physically see. There are all body types which go to the gym and many ages; people that are just beginning their routines and others that have been at it for … well what seems forever. You can also see those that struggle to keep fit and then for some it comes easy. Any of these can be what I want to label as a “Gym Pig!”

Most of us understand when we hear the term “gym rat” it to mean someone who is constantly working out. They may have the perfect body, but do they have the perfect common decency? I am not just focusing on that person though, but anyone who is too lazy to pick up after themselves.

Is it so difficult to pick up your towel and put it in the bin? I find it disgusting to go into the steam room, showers or locker area and see all the towels that people were too lazy to carry a few feet to the bin. Ok, yes some have to take it to the front desk depending on the location, but really?

Oh and I don’t think these “gym pigs” can read the sign asking everyone to put their towels back in the bin. Come on, even Wilbur could read Charlotte’s web.

For these people, next time you’re at the gym pick up after yourself. If you are at the gym and see someone leaving their towel, ask them if it is theirs?