The recent presidential race had me thinking about the level of ethically sound people we’ve had running the United States. With this in mind, I went online to look for a history of scandals surrounding our presidents.

One can find information on just about every presidential administration, but I was more concerned about recent history. Now I know you can’t believe everything you find on the Internet, but in this case the resources can be very reputable and even summarized on Wikipedia. So, let’s look at the scandals in my lifetime:

* Nixon – Watergate & Pentagon Papers
* Ford – Pardoning of Nixon
* Carter – none
* Reagan – Iran-Contra Affair & Debategate
* GHWBush – Iran-Contra Affair
* Clinton – Monika Lewinsky, Pardongate, and Whitewater Scandal
* GWBush – Lawyergate, Bush White House E-mail Controversy, 2003 Invasion of Iraq, Yellowcake Forgery, Bush Administration Payment of Columnists & NSA Warrantless Surveillance
* Obama – none

I’m not going to claim this is all inclusive, some I didn’t mention that were very minor. Most of these I remember hearing in the news, even as a child. Looking at this history, in the last four decades there has been A LOT of scandal surrounding presidential administrations.

There have been many accusations thrown toward President Obama on what he didn’t complete in his term, but honestly could anyone done better with what he was left with after the Bush administration? Also look at Romney and all the controversy he has had just during his campaign! There was his comment a about the 47%, his switching on where he stands about taxes and the caucus fraud in Maine.

Who would you want to run your government, someone already surrounded in controversy for someone who has already done it for four years with no scandals?

Info from, and the references from those sites.