I think I have finally reached my limit in hearing about whining teachers not being able to strike, all because they couldn’t negotiate as their counterparts did; the Catholic and Francophone schools came to an agreement on a new contract that made some concessions to compensate for current economic conditions. I believe unions had their place in history, but I honestly believe they now cause more issues than how they help.

Today I heard the The Ontario Public Service Employees Union, the teachers representative, is recommending that teachers do the minimum in providing feedback on upcoming progress reports. This isn’t the first time teachers have been encouraged to “do the minimum”. Previously, the teachers were asked to cancel extracurricular activities. How is this putting students first?

The union is fighting the decision in court made in Bill 115 to freeze pay and prevent a strike. Although I don’t agree in the need for unions, the teachers have one and should be able to disagree with this decision. With this in mind, continue to serve the kids and let this play out in the courts.