I remember growing up and after having potatoes for a while the would begin to grow sprouts.  We called them eyes, but none the less they would grow; it didn’t matter if they were kept in the refrigerator or in a cabinet.

I never thought about it, but at some point I stopped seeing them grow.  I can’t recall when it happened or even hearing why, not in the news or from a friend.  Today I was listening to CBC Radio and the topic was about irradiating meat in Canada after the recent E. coli scare.  I heard that Canada already does this to foods like onions, spices AND potatoes.  It prevents the sprouts growing on potatoes!  It was then I realized I haven’t seen sprouts on potatoes since… well, like I said, I don’t know!

It prompted me to do some research and see if this was also done in the United States.  Guess what?  It is!  How did I not know this?  Is this commonly known?  There are special logos on food that shows it has been through the irradiation process.

I am including some links so you can become more informed about irradiating foods, the different ways it is done and the amount of radiation this process uses.  Before you get too scared, every research says it is safe.  I guess this is more about ensuring we are aware of what processes our foods are going through.

My thought has been a lot of our medical problems today result from the chemicals and processes we have put our food through.  More allergies, stomach issues or ailments seem to be around today than a century ago.  Is this because we just weren’t aware of them or is it a result of so many chemicals over generations?  I don’t have an answer, but feel free to share your thoughts.

The following links are to government agencies in North America that discuss this process.  There is a vast sea of information on the internet, if you are so inclined to look up more information for your area.  For now, check out these links:

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

United States Department of Agriculture – Food and Safety Inspection Service